A Piece of Mine

As a little girl, I dreamed of stepping out on my own. Of making a way when I couldn’t see one. Oh, the fairy tales we embrace when we’re young and, if I might add, dumb. My father once informed me that youth and wisdom usually don’t arrive at the same time. He had no idea how right he was—or did he?

With every gray hair that peeks out from the crown of my head and every year that passes whether I’m ready or not, I’m left to think back on how I’ve handled life so far, and how I plan to handle the life that’s left. It’s amazing to me that a little red-headed, knob-kneed, small-town girl has done what she set out to do.

I stepped out. I made a way when I couldn’t even see one.

As youth dissolves into wisdom, I have a good idea about what I forgot in my struggle to live life on my own terms . . . the creation of a J. California Cooper-style piece of mine. Unlike the fairy tales of old, peace is not constructed through knights in shining armor, kisses from frogs or pumpkins that turn into carriages.

Peace, like a highly-respected friend of mine says, is the resolution of conflict. Unless and until we resolve the conflicts that cause us pain, suffering and discomfort, we can never experience peace.

That is why Amerikka is where it is today—because it has no peace. Its residents have no piece of mine. Were we battling other countries, because other countries instigated battles against us, we could, in earnest, say that we were fighting for our piece of mine and, to do that, we needed to resolve the conflict.

But, with Amerikka and its European counterpart, things are different. There’s no one taking us to battle . . . yet. We are caught in a web of deception that will cause the people of this country to suffer immeasurable damage.

I could take aim at the wars wrongly perpetrated by Amerikka and Europe against other countries, but I’d rather for the moment, reflect on the damage it does to the psyche of those within Amerikka’s and Europe’s borders who do not agree with the wrongful execution of conflict, under the disguise of establishing peace.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are those who know nothing of living a life free of intentional conflict. In what has become the Amerikkan way, we see it in the violent ways people live amongst each other.

This is a country where we fight and oppress based on the color of skin. Where we shoot at each other, instead of shooting at them. Where we’ll buy from and love our enemy, while hating ourselves. Where we talk down on people who speak two languages, when we barely know one. Where the media tells us one thing, knowing that something completely different is occurring or has occurred. Where independent thought is seen and treated as a threat to the machine. Where daughters turn on mothers, and sons turn on fathers, if they should be lucky enough to have one.

Amerikkans possess a selfishness that surpasses any other that I have witnessed in my travels. In our extensive dumbness, we are arrogant to a fault. Piece of mine can never be ours for that specific reason.

So many faults we possess, that if we looked closely, leave us little room for belittling. Unfortunately, amongst all the conflict, we are unable to clearly see ourselves. And we are unable because we have no piece of mine.


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